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Committees & Clubs

The JRE School of Management’s clubs and associations offer some of the most memorable, interesting and enjoyable aspects of your student - life experience.
Although most of the time of our budding managers goes in academics, but the various clubs and committees encourage informal interactions through various interest groups of students. The learning beyond the classroom is an integral part of learning at JRE. Various student clubs provide an opportunity to practice and hone the inherent skills and talents of our students. The culture at JRE promotes learning, teamwork and leadership which help our graduates to imbibe the qualities for a great career.

Marketing Club (Mark & Spark) - The Marketing Club is the JRE's primary club for those with an interest, background, and/or career aspiration in marketing. The JRE Marketing Club provides an engaging forum for students interested in marketing to develop the appropriate business acumen and industry networks. The Marketing Club members involve themselves in real life case studies, selling games and marketing / advertising strategies.

Finance Club (Finanza) - The Finance Club bring together the aspirants who want to pursue their career in the field of finance. It promotes finance related activities and learning beyond the classroom for the finance students. The Finance Club cater to students with a wide variety of finance related interests - whether it is Investment Banking, Investment Management, Venture Capital/Private Equity or Corporate Finance.

HR Club (Humanagers) - The HR Club organizes various seminars, workshops, HR conclaves, team building exercises and lecture sessions by HR practitioners and consultants, wherein they share with the students case studies and new developments in the HR sector.

Social Media Marketing Club - The Social Media Marketing Club help the students to understand the importance of social media and networking in today's era. The students, who have a bent of mind towards social media, get together to debate, discuss and learn the upcoming and existing modes of social media.

Quiz Club – The Quiz Club at JRE keep our students abreast of the latest news and happenings. The students go through various newspapers, journals, magazines on an everyday basis and ensure that the learning translates into their victory in the quizzes. This also keep the students abreast of their academics as well as current affairs and business happenings across the globe.

Placement and Corporate Relation Committee - The Placement Committee headed by IIM alumni also has a student cell under their guidance, that has been formed to interact with the companies on a continuous basis in order to bring the best fit career opportunities for the students of JRE, both for the summer and the final placements. It also helps in continuous interactions by organizing guest lectures, industry visits etc.

Entrepreneur Incubation Cell – The students who have brilliant entrepreneurial ideas, have been provided an opportunity by the academic partners of JRE, Educomp and Raffles with a seed amount of `1 crore. In case the students' ideas and projects are selected by the core committee, the students have an option to fly high with their business idea as soon as they are out of the campus. The cell helps the students to nurture their ideas and develop them further under the guidance of faculty and practitioners.

International Relations Committee - The International Relations Committee facilitates regular interactions with the international universities and professionals so that the students can get a global exposure. The committee keep in touch and invites various guests and faculties from across the globe, which also helps to broaden the outlook of the students.

Cultural Events Committee - JRE believe in the culture of togetherness, therefore, it ensure all festivals are celebrated in the campus to involve each and everyone. The Cultural Events Committee is responsible for planning and organising festivals like Holi, Diwali, Teacher's Day, Independence Day, Eid, Christmas, etc.

Public Relations and Media Committee - The students under the supervision of the Public Relations team at JRE try to keep the media updated about each and every event happening at the campus. Since, there are number of events and activities at JRE campus, the media and journalists are invited and updated about the same by this committee.

Student Welfare, Discipline and Mess Committee - The Student Welfare, Discipline and Mess Committee take care of the well being of the students. This is a “by the students”- “for the students” committee formed to take care of the students' requirements and grievances.

Anti-Ragging Committee - Although, ragging is absolutely prohibited in the campus, but to ensure that no one indulges in any kind of such malpractice, this committee is formed to guard all the students against ragging. The antiragging committee works 24 X7 X 365 with their eyes and ears open and immediately to stop any such misdeed.

Academic Program and Library Committee - The Academic Program and Library Committee takes track of the academicrequirementsofthestudentswithrespecttobooks, journals, newspapers, magazines, case studies which are of academic relevance. The committee immediately notifies the concerned people to fulfil the demands regarding the same.

Sports Committee - At JRE, we believe in the overall development of our students that is why we have always made sure that our students develop their abilities in sports along with their management capabilities. The Sports Committee holds various tournaments in cricket, basketball, football, badminton, carom, chess etc. time to time and also provides all necessary equipments to the students for pursing their favorite sports.