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Events on Campus

• Annual Day Celebration

JRE Group of Institutions celebrated its 2nd Annual day “CANVAS 2013” with great fervor and enthusiasm on 2nd & 3rd March 2013 comprising of sports and cultural events. The Annual day was inaugurated by Mr. Harpeet Singh (President- ERHEL) and Prof. Steve Rawlinson (President- JRE Group of Institutions) in the presence of all the senior management, staff and students. Students of JRE School of Management (JRE -SOM), JRE School of Engineering (JRE- SOE) and Millennium School of Business (MSOB) participated in sports and cultural events. It was a fusion of symphony, music, dance and mesmerizing performances by students. Read more »

• Pegasus Outbound Learning Program

In the outbound programs developed by JRE, participants are made to go through various outdoor activities where they will be required to face c hallenging situations as individuals and teams. This helps them to see the importance of communication, leadership, teamwork, planning and delegation. One of the most important aspects of outbound training is that the students are immediately able to see the consequences of wrong actions and the tangible difference that can be made by a change in the thinking and behavior. Our trained facilitators enthusiastically help them to extrapolate the learning from these outdoor activities to their workplace. The training also acts as an ice breaker as the students on their joining, are immediately taken for this training. Apart from the experience they gather, the lush green environment gives them a break from the hectic city life. Read more »

• Visit by Delegates of University of Southern California

The visit by delegates of University of Southern California was the first international event that took place at JRE SOM. The students of JRE SOM contributed to the program by making presentations on Indian diversity. They found that the SOM pedagogy is state-of-the-art and has cutting edge relevance to current international and academic trends.

• Independence Day

Independence Day was the event of real excitement for the students of JRE SOM as the true feeling of patriotism was reflected in the youth that was submerged in the colors of euphoria on the day of independence of the nation. The day was celebrated with great zeal, love and respect for the nation. Our students performed on songs, plays, dances, poems and speeches with a fire and warmth of patriotism in them. Even the guests were thrilled by the enthusiasm of the students. Read more »

• Teachers Days

“A teacher is like a fire-fly in the darkness of the night, which spreads hope at times of distress.” September 5, 2011 was the day of mixed emotions. The day was a blend of joy and surprises for the teachers. Song and dance performances embraced the celebration and to add - on a surprise cricket match was organized between students and faculty. Such a lively day touched the hearts of the faculty. Read more »

• Freshers Party

The 7th of October was marked as a memorable day in the life of every fresher at JRE GROUP of Institutions. The Fresher’s day was filled with excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm, laughter and happiness. The guests at the event were Prof. Stephen Rawlinson (Academic President - JRE Group of Institutions), Mr. Harpreet Singh (President - JRE GROUP of Institutions), Prof. Pankaj Gupta (Dean - JRE SOM), Dr. Krishna Rao (Dean - JRE SOE), Dr. C S Sharma (Sriram College of Commerce, Delhi) .The celebration started at 4.00 PM in evening with a welcome speech from students followed by an address given by the leadership team. The fresher were formally welcomed into the Institution. The highlight of the fresher’s day celebration was the selection of Mr. /Ms. Fresher in which students participated and their performances were incredible.

• HR Conclave
JRE Group of Institution on 7th September, 2013 successfully organised HR Summit, 2013 hosted by HR Club, HUMANAGERS. The summit was presided by some of the eminent guests from industries giving an insight into the world of HR Professionals and their challenges. Read more »

• Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Symposium
The JRE School of Management hosted a spectacular Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Symposium. At the center of discussion were the latest trends in digital advertising, mobile marketing and social media strategies in the wake of current negative growth market conditions. Read more »

• Banking and Finance Summit
JRE School of Management on 5th October, 2013 successfully hosted its second Finance Summit, “Abhigyan 2013”. The summit was presided by eminent personalities in the industry. Read more »

• Corporate Meet at GolfWorx

JRE SOM organized an industry meet at GolfWorx, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon in which various well known senior HR Managers from the corporates such as IL&FS Infrastructure, Aricent, Videocon, Airtel, Emaar MGF, Xerox, PWC, Kotak Bank, SRF, Metlife, Jubiliant Organosys, Oxigen Services and more were present. The main aim was to bring HR professionals & students to a platform wherein the students could interact with the corporate world. The industry meet served as a tool for networking.

• Art Of Living

The three day course was aimed at sensitizing the students about the real meaning of life, how to live in the present, instead of regretting the past or worrying about the future.
The students were taught the art of maintaining composure by proper breathing.
The meditation tactics filled the students with an energy that revitalized them.
All in all, this was a life-time experience for all of the students and faculty involved and definitely these three days have transformed lives and changed perceptions towards life.